One of the top benefits of reticulation systems is that it takes the work out of watering your garden or lawn. Once it is set up, it will turn on, water your lawn, and then turn itself off—all without any effort from you.

If you depend on a water reticulation system to irrigate your lawn or garden, it’s your job to check if all is well with it. If there are issues that you can’t fix, you need to consider reticulation services Perth. To know what to exactly tell the professionals when you make the call, you need to first run your reticulation system as you take note of unusual behaviors. Here are 5 signs you should be wary of:

Some Areas Are Not Irrigated

If water does not reach some parts of your lawn or garden, it could be an issue with the valves. You could be wasting water for no apparent reason. The valves need to be readjusted by a professional to ensure that water is sprayed evenly throughout the field.

Some Areas Are Over Saturated

As the above problem, this is an indicator of a valve issue. So, you need a professional to readjust the ineffective valves. In normal conditions, no area of your field should be over-saturated. The irrigation should be done uniformly.

Sprinkle Heads Are Spraying Blanks

There are several reasons to explain this. It could be that insufficient water is being pumped. It could also be that sprinkle heads are blocked by mud. In the case of the latter, you could flush the mud off using a high-pressure hose. If it doesn’t work, then you should call a professional.

Sprinkler Heads Are Spraying Inaccurately

If sprinkle heads shoot water off target when the pumping unit is powered on, it could be that they have shifted their position. It could also be a pressure problem or a clogging. Whatever the cause is, you should call a professional.

Water Bill is Abnormally High

Lastly, if your water bill is strangely high, it’s a cause for concern. It could be a serious leak that is draining your pocket. Instead of complaining, you should get a reticulation expert right away to fix the water network.


When you are not handy, some water reticulation issues are best left to reticulation services Perth professionals. However, you have to know how to check for these issues. This means you should be familiar with the normal functioning of your reticulation system. At least, this allows you to know when something is wrong.