Every customer expects to feel valued the moment they call a call center. One way to meet their expectations is through heartfelt greetings. They should see in your greetings that you are ready to provide them with the necessary help. In doing so, you can convert first-time callers into real customers and retain the loyalty of existing customers. But where do you begin? Which ideas can work for you fast? Well, to help you get you started, here are 5 phone system greetings ideas you should adopt:

Welcome Greetings

This is the commonest call greeting adopted by call centers across the world. Usually, it starts with the term thank you. For example, you can say “thank you for calling…we value your call”. In this case, you are allowed to mention the name of the company and the name of the agent receiving the call for formality purposes.

Happy Holiday Greetings

During notable holidays like Christmas, Easter, Labor Day, and New Year, you can mention the holiday the moment you pick the call. For example, you can have the following greeting messages:

• Happy New Year!
• Merry Christmas!
• Happy Easter!

Wait-to-be-Connected Greetings

It’s common for callers to hear the following greetings when they call a call center:

• “Kindly hold as we connect you to the next available agent.”
• “Please stay on the line as your call is being connected.”
Such greetings are warm and so the callers are likely to stay on the call to speak to an agent.

Promotional Greetings

If there’s a perfect time to inform your prospective customers about your latest deals and offers, it has to be when greeting them. For instance, you can use the following phrases to greet them:
• “Thank you for calling to enquire about our latest offers.”
• “We are happy to inform you about our latest promotions.”

Leave-Your-Message Greetings

When your agents are busy or when customers call during odd hours, you should encourage them to leave their message. Voice mail greetings are a great consideration if you are looking to follow up on the customer’s inquiries.


Generally, the right phone system greetings need to be earnest and professional. That’s the kind of impact that the above ideas have. You can use them to script your call greetings and you’ll see an improvement in customer response. After all, a call center is there to take care of the interests of the customers. Don’t forget to customize every greeting to match your company’s values, etiquette, and goals among other aspects.