No matter how careful you are in your car, sometimes accidents are unavoidable. For example, you cannot avoid a runaway shopping trolley or an inconsiderate motorist. You also cannot prevent a misdirected football when the kids are playing next to your car.

However, a car dent repair can be expensive if you opt to take your car to the mobile car repair mechanic. What if there was a simple and cheaper way to do the repair yourself at home? Fortunately, there is and you don’t have to worry about the paint as the methods are safe and will never ruin your car. Without much ado, here are some of the methods that you can try out.

1. Use a Sink Plunger

The sink plunger does more than unclogging your sink. You can use it to fix small and medium dents on your car. You are required to:

• Splash water to the external part where the dent is and some on the inside of the plunger.

• Start to push and pull the sink plunger until the dent snaps out.

2. Rub Dry Ice

Dry ice is great in fixing small dents. However, you need to put on gloves when applying the ice so as to protect your hands. You need to:

• Hold dry ice firmly on the dent.

• Try to rub the ice while maintaining close contact with the dent.

• Continue rubbing until the dent snaps out.

3. Apply Hot Water

If the dent is on a plastic part like the bumper, boiling water may help to fix it. You need to:

• Splash boiling water directly to the outside of the dent

• Reach out for its internal and apply pressure to push the dent out.

• Repeat the process as many times as possible until the dent clears.

4. Employ a Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner can remove dents from any external part of your car but you have to use it with a pot. You need to:

• Make a hole under your pot and insert the vacuum’s hose.

• Place the pot directly on the dent and switch the vacuum.

• Stop when the dent snaps out.

If you’ve been forced to pay a lot of cash to a mobile car repair shop because you didn’t have an option, now you do! With the above car dent repair tips, you can be able to fix dents on your vehicle without ruining the coat just from the comfort of your home. Pick what works for you and be able to save yourself from the stress of visiting the mechanic.