Fabric grow pots are an ideal option for gardening especially if you want to make sure that your plants are getting an equal amount of water. In fact, they provide better soil aeration and hydration compared to plastic pots, among a host of other befits. Read on to know why fabric grow pots are better for your plants.

Air root pruning

Fabric plant containers allow natural air pruning which is something you cannot get with plastic planters. With plastic planters, roots naturally circle around the inner edges of the pot once they grow and reach the edge. This often results in poor lateral branching which can lead to poor nutrient uptake. With fabric planters, the roots reach the edge of the container and are naturally pruned when the tips come in contact with the air outside through the tiny holes in the fabric container. This encourages lateral branching that promotes better water and nutrient uptake.

Aeration and Drainage

The porous surfaces of the planter allow air to come in from all sides of the container. Better aeration is beneficial for the roots and promotes the growth of healthy natural bacteria in the soil. Better aeration also prevents root rot which can occur when the roots stay wet and become more susceptible to molds and pests. The porous nature of the container allows for better water drainage so that the soil can stay moist but the plants do not remain in water for long periods of time. Unlike clay or plastic pots, the fabric can also wick moisture from the sides of the container to keep the soil evenly moist but never wet. This makes fabric pots better suited for areas that are prone to heavy rainfall. Fabric plant pots are also versatile making them ideal for different types of growing systems, including drain to waste, flood trains, and other plant growing systems.


Fabric grow pots are reusable and can last up to many years. These pots are washable and can be vacuumed to remove dirt. They can be washed with oxidizing detergents for effective disinfection to avoid cross-contamination when the pots are reused. The pots are also space-saving. Compared to plastic pots that have a rigid construction, the flexible construction of fabric pots makes them ideal for small gardens with limited space.

These are just three of the many benefits of fabric grow pots and containers. Ensure the proper growth of your plants and get the most yield from your crops with fabric grow pots.