If you love wildlife, get out of the comfort zone and do something to help. Most of the animals you enjoy watching are endangered and in dire need of help. Fortunately, it is never too late to act. Join our Wildlife Volunteer Africa program to help animals in some of the most exotic and exciting locations.

Whether you are skilled, have prior experience or not, volunteer with us to travel some of the most exhilarating places. We have rolled out several projects and we need your help. Your input can help research on poaching in the Savannah, track cheetahs in the vast grasslands, or even collect marine data in the African waters. We have had volunteer students, teens, and career breakers and their experience have been nothing short of sensational.

Volunteering with us is a dream comes true. First, you get a chance of setting foot in interesting places in Africa. Get firsthand experience interacting with these wonderful creatures in their natural habitats. Feed an endangered bird or experience the thrill of a giraffe’s tongue licking. How about racing on horseback to save elephants and rhinoceros? You may not know that some majestic horse species are endangered until you hear a local guide relate the situation.

The wildlife volunteer Africa program plays a vital role in wildlife conservation. Without volunteers, our staffs are inadequate for the much-needed manpower. The sustainability of the project and our long-term goals would also be at stake. Our partners are unable to carry out research efficiently without your input.

All the data we collect is used by local governments to protect endangered wildlife and map vital routes. We also use the data to educate local communities about the significance of their immediate environment to the wildlife. Through partner input and our efforts, local governments are setting up initiatives that reduce human-wildlife conflicts.

Volunteering for an African wildlife project also enables you to interact with local communities. You will enjoy learning and participating in their cultural activities and get a bite of their traditional meals. Whether you volunteer for two weeks, a month, or in a long term plan, your impact will remain irreplaceable. You may as well extend a helping hand to assist in learning programs, curb inhumane practices or any other project.

Wildlife is the heartbeat of Africa. Volunteering on this great continent will help restore hope to endangered species that are on the verge of extinction. You will also meet like-minded conservationists with whom you can establish friendships. Volunteering also boosts your employability. Volunteer today to fulfill your desire of helping an animal in Africa.