Anime characters tend to have the most colorful and stylish hairstyles. It is difficult to achieve all of these with normal hair so most cosplayers use wigs instead. These can make things easier by allowing people to style them early so they are never rushed when they get to the venue. It also saves their own hair from all of the chemicals they would have needed to use to achieve their desired results. Wigs come in different lengths so even those with short hair can play a character with long flowing locks. Of course, you can’t just do anything with these and get away with it. Below are wigs cosplay care strategies to keep them in great shape:


When styling the wigs, be extremely careful with the use of heat. Hair irons can help straighten the strands or create curls to make the hair closer to the characters. However, not all types will react well to this. If the wigs are made from natural hair, then this may be feasible. If they are made from synthetic hair, then refrain from using heat unless the package specifically says that it’s alright. You might end up damaging the hair if you get things wrong so always check the labels.


Wigs don’t usually need frequent washing unless you went into a challenging environment where they caught a lot of dirt, oil, and sweat. Clean these by combing them to undo the tangles. Use cold water for washing as hot water can modify the shape of the wig. Use a gentle shampoo formulation for natural hair. Use a special shampoo for synthetic hair if you have this kind of wigs cosplay. Mix this with the water until bubbly. Dip the wig and wash with your hands. You can also let it soak for a few minutes. Squeeze out the soapy water and dip in clean water until the shampoo is completely rinsed. Lay on a towel and wait until it air dries.


Cosplays will only wear their costumes a few times in a year. There will be considerable downtime for these and so they are actually in storage for most days. Make sure that the wigs retain their shape by placing them on top of a wig stand if you can get these. The original packaging can be used as well so don’t throw those in the trash after opening. You should also protect these from dust and dirt by putting them inside a plastic enclosure or a similar solution. Make sure that the wigs are completely dry before storing them to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria.