Perhaps you have attended several cosplay events and have relied on your natural hair until now. However, you have noticed that your strands are starting to sustain damage due to styling. This may be pushing you towards the use of wigs in future events. After all, your friends are probably using these and you see how it makes their lives easier. The only thing you need to decide now is whether to go natural or synthetic. Here are some of the reasons why your wig cosplay selection should seriously consider the synthetic options:


Most people think that natural is the only way to go because these actual human hair strands look a lot better than the synthetic fibers. That might have been true in the past but it certainly isn’t that way anymore. Companies have been coming out with incredibly life-like products for many years now. They just keep getting better and you will really have a hard time seeing the difference. These can pass as natural hair and be worn every day if you wish. Of course, those who are using them for cosplay will probably want to store them safely most of the time instead.


These synthetic wigs are easy to style so you can copy the hair of your designated characters. Although regular synthetic wigs don’t do well with heat, you can now find heat-friendly options that will allow you to do more with them. Once you have styled a wig cosplay, it will be able to keep its form longer even after washing. In contrast, natural hair is likely to lose its shape. If you are going to be using the same hairstyle for multiple events, then you probably want to reduce your workload by choosing the right wig type.


Synthetics are easier to maintain. You will only need to wash them every month or so. You can wear these dozens of times without noticing any development of foul odor or stickiness unlike natural hair which requires more frequent washing. Just use a light cleaning product, pat down excess water, and place between towels for quick absorption. Handle with care and never squeeze.


Check out various available wigs online and you will see that synthetics are generally cheaper than natural counterparts. The material is more readily available and can easily be made into different lengths or styles. The value for money is excellent.