Countless people have had to adjust to working from home after the pandemic became a clear threat. Most have been able to make do with what they have but many are now considering creating a more permanent space for them to work in. Since things are likely to remain volatile for the next year or so, they might as well get comfortable in their own home office. They can dedicate a room for this and get some furniture to complete the look. Here’s why you should get a desk with drawers for your home office:

Reduce Surface Clutter

A lot of office desks have no storage options. These force the users to place every items that they need on the top surface. Some things do belong there such as coffee cups, phones, and perhaps a notebook. However, there are so many other objects that could really be stored away so that they don’t make the desk feel cluttered. Pens, staplers, sticky notes, paper clips, tape, pins, markers, highlighters, and other office essentials are just some of the items that could have gone into a drawer. Personal items could be hidden away as well to clear up the desk and make it more pleasant to work at.

Enjoy Easy Access

If office items are already in a desk drawer, then you won’t have to keep getting off your chair just to look for what you need. Just open them up and grab what you need. You will barely miss a beat. This might seem trivial but it can make a lot of difference in terms of productivity over the long run. Unlike simple cabinets, you can pull the entire container towards you are see to the end. You won’t have to take out everything in front just to check if what’s missing is hidden at the back. Desk with drawers might have multiple layers that are shallow enough that you don’t accidentally bury small items at the bottom. See everything at a glance.

Organize Items

This can also reduce frustrations that often arise when it’s hard to find what you are looking for. Drawers are a cinch to organize. They are usually just a few inches deep so you can survey the contents at once. Place the smaller items near the front and the bigger items near the far edge so that you don’t miss anything. Divide the drawers into sections. The top layer should be for the most used objects like office essentials. The second layer might be for computer accessories and printer consumables. The third layer could house some of your emergency snacks, mints, and the like.