Corn has been around for thousands of years. It was used by ancient civilizations to feed themselves and it continues to be a staple food in many parts of the world. Thanks to modern techniques, it can be processed into different types of food and non-food products. It is also commonly used to feed not just humans but animals as well. Experts have identified yellow corn as being particularly suited for this purpose. It is now used all over the world as an animal feed. Yellow corn exporters send their products wherever they are needed. Farmers choose it over many other options for a number of reasons, including those discussed below:

Economical Choice

Every business strives to cut its expenses in order to maximize its profits. In many farms, animal feed is one of the biggest expenses. Farmers have to take good care of the animals in order for these to grow strong and healthy. Sickly ones may be vulnerable to illness and die before they reach maturity. They must also pass the high standards of buyers who can quickly move on to other sellers if they are unimpressed with what they see. Yellow corn is a high quality feed that is abundant and available at a relatively low price compared to alternatives. It simply makes sense for business owners to use it.

Easy to Digest

It also makes sense for the end-users. For instance, chicken love this type of corn because it is easy for them to digest. It is also quite low on fiber. They don’t get stomach problems when consuming large amounts. They like it and don’t have to be prodded just to eat. Other types of feed have many desirable properties but they can cause digestive distress for the animals. If farmers want a safe option, then this is the way to go.

Rich in Nutrients

It also happens that this corn rich in nutrient content. Every pound provides a high amount of calories which is important when you are trying to meet the energy requirements of the animals. There is even a large amount of protein in the corn. This is crucial in the development of the young ones. Farmers who use this can be confident that their poultry will grow big and healthy.

Yellow corn is so popular that a huge chunk of the corn grown in the world is of this variety. Aside from its application as an animal feed, it is also used to make cornmeal flour, taco shells, tortillas, and chips. Scientists have also figured out ways to turn it into a sweetener for soft drinks and processed food.