Using a car security bollard can have many benefits, including protecting your car from collisions. It can also save you money on insurance fees, and it can even reduce the hassle of making claims in the event of an accident. Insurance companies can be extremely frustrating, but having a bollard in place will eliminate the need to file claims.

Preventing collisions

There are several benefits of installing a car security bollard on your property. These barriers will prevent vehicle crashes into buildings. Storefront crashes account for nearly one-third of all crashes, and these crashes can cause a lot of damage to a storefront and its merchandise. Using bollards will prevent these crashes and ensure the safety of your customers. Additionally, you will feel better knowing your property is protected.

Not all bollards are crash-rated, but they still offer significant protection. However, there are certain circumstances when crash-rated bollards are essential. For example, crash-resistant steel bollards are a good choice for airports, seaports, and government installations, which are especially vulnerable to vehicular attacks.

Acting as a visual deterrent

Bollards act as visual deterrents and can deter people from stealing or damaging property. They help direct traffic and protect people in parking areas and open areas. Some are equipped with lights so they can shine in dark areas where streetlights cannot reach. They can also help protect against smash-and-grab crimes.

Bollards are post-like structures made of concrete or metal. They come in many different sizes to fit different locations. They have evolved to accommodate larger, heavier, and more powerful vehicles. Some of them are flexible so that they can be hit without damage. They can deter ramming, as well as minor collisions.

Protecting against storefront crashes

Car security bollards are a great way to protect against storefront crashes. Statistics show that nearly two-thirds of crashes involving storefronts result in injuries or fatalities. While some of these crashes may be the result of an operator error or pedal error, most involve vehicle loss of control, causing it to crash into a building.

Unlike traditional security measures like installing a fence, a bollard provides a more proactive solution to storefront crashes. In addition to preventing storefront crashes, bollards can also serve as directional guides for pedestrians. In some cases, they can even prevent smash-and-grab crimes.

Removable car security bollards

Removable car security bollards are a great way to deter vehicle theft. They can also keep traffic from blocking a designated area. Whether used in a public park or business park, removable bollards offer both protection and convenience. Because they’re removable, they can also be easily stored when not in use.

Removable car security bollards come in various styles and materials. They are commonly used in car parks. These barriers can be installed on the ground or into newly poured concrete. They are available with various mounting hardware, including in-ground receivers. In general, you should position a removable bollard at least 1.5 feet back from the curb. This is, so you have enough room to open and exit your vehicle.