If you have smaller or larger pet birds in your home, you know they can create small messes that drop from their cages. Those messes can be difficult to clean from carpet. They can also create problems for hardwood floors, especially if those spills or messes cause water stains. You don’t need to worry about cleaning messes from the floor, because there is a way to contain those messes and keep your floors clean. Regardless of how small your bird cage is, a cage mat is useful to help keep the home cleaner.

A bird cage mat is a great way to keep floors clean and prevent those hard to clean messes from ruining your flooring, whether carpet or something else. But, don’t just buy any mat. You need to find one that absorbs liquid, to continue keeping your floor dry and clean. Some birds can dump water out of their cages and the mat needs to keep water from getting to the floor.

Depending on the size of your bird cage or aviary, you can find a mat in just about any size you need, up to 36 x 48 inches. If you have a larger cage for a macaw or a large parrot, you can use more than one mat and push them together.

If your bird likes to throw seeds and other food out of the cage, a bird cage mat will catch it all, so it doesn’t get ground into the carpet. Dirty and clean bedding can also create a mess on your floors if the bird pushes it out. A mat will keep the floors clean from those messes.

A mat under the bird cage makes sense in terms of keeping odors down. When messes are dropped from the cage, they can get into the carpet and create odors that will be hard to get out. You may be able to steam clean the carpet or mop the wood floor to get it out, but there’s no guarantee. You won’t have to worry about such issues again if you start using a cage mat.

A bird cage mat makes sense for any bird owner who keeps birds in the house. It doesn’t matter if the cage is small or extra large. Mats help keep the floor clean, whether carpet or wood floors. Mats can be taken outside and washed off easily when they need to be cleaned. Cage mats help control odors that may get in the carpet and linger after cleaning.