Reasonable suspicion training is mandatory for employers and companies that employ supervisors to supervise employees. It is necessary for:
• Trucking companies employing drivers
• Supervisors working for an airline
• Bus operators who shuttle people
• Supervisors supervising drivers in any organization or company

Duration of the Training

This training is quite simple and does not require long hours of training. It is only a 3-hour course which covers one alcohol misuse training for 60 minutes, a substance use training of 60 minutes, and one hour of training for the related subjects. This training will prepare you to handle all types of jobs where supervisors must know how to monitor a workplace for a reasonable suspicion situation and take appropriate action on time. Enroll now and you can start learning it immediately. You will obtain your certificate within a few hours.

Training Purpose

With this training, you will learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of drugs and alcohol abuse. According to the Department of Transportation, employers have to provide this training to all supervisors and employees who have to supervise drivers. It enables supervisor to figure out if a case of reasonable suspicion exists. They have the power to ask the suspect person to undergo safety-sensitive tests when suspected of being under the influence of any drug or alcohol.

Improves Safety Standards at Workplace

Not complying with this minimum training requirement can result in penalties like fines. If supervision failure leads to an accident, the employer becomes liable for potential liabilities and other charges. Avoid all such safety and legal risks by keeping your company compliant with the DOT reasonable suspicion training requirement. A safe workplace can be ensured if the signs and symptoms of drug and substance abuse are detected early. The supervisor tasked to find such signs must be trained and have knowledge of this subject.

The Training Process

This course includes videos, presentations, documents and other resources. Once the training is completed, the student has to undergo an online exam. The students who pass the exam receive their certificate on the same day. The certificate is received online. It can be printed and used where needed. The goal of this course is to train a supervisor to recognize suspicious behavior and activity with high accuracy.

Supervisors who successfully complete this training help keep the workplace safe. It also keeps passengers, other drivers, pedestrians and other employees safe. A high success rate of safety at workplace leads to better reputation of the brand. Your company will meet all safety standards. You will avoid penalties and liabilities.