Do you want to get into the forex brokerage business? Well, if you do, you two options: you can start as a regulated company or start as an unregulated brokerage company. As a regulated company, you need to have a large amount in capital, invest a lot of time, abide by all the strict local and international compliance rules and be able to handle the maintenance cost of a brokerage company.

Many companies opt to begin as unregulated companies before they grow and move on to become regulated companies. As an unregulated brokerage firm, you need to partner with other established forex firms. So, why should you choose to get the SVG forex license?

Credible Jurisdiction

There are numerous companies where you can partner with and register under as an International Business Companies-IBC or as a Limited Liability Company-LLC. But how sure are you of their credibility? St. Vincent and the Grenadines-SVG has built its reputation over the years to become a top forex company with the most secure jurisdiction. This means that you can conduct business in confidence that your interests and those of your clients are protected.

You Pay Zero Tax

All companies with the SVG forex license are not required to make local tax returns for the first 25 years after they first registered with the company. You also pay no corporate taxes and no withholding taxes. This comes as music to the ears of those budding forex brokerage companies who want to ensure that their financial affairs remain confidential.

No Restrictions

SVG Forex Company has no hand in how you conduct your business. This is not to mean that you can go on and break any laws by engaging in irregular businesses. If you do, you risk being thrown out and getting into serious trouble with the respective authorities. Given that your operations are legal, you can enjoy full control over your forex services.

It Is An Easier Alternative

As a small brokerage firm, you most likely don’t have the amount of money needed to run a full-fledged trading or brokerage firm. But this doesn’t bar you from conducting business in the same field. All you have to do is partner with a reputable firm like SVG Forex Company and start working.

A license from SVG Forex Company offers you an easier, cost-effective solution to test the waters and see how well you can perform in the field. Above are reasons that prove SVG forex license is a must-have for anyone serious about getting into the forex brokerage business.