A dog is more like a child — it goes through a learning curve. You have to train it from the puppy stage until it becomes a big dog. Sometimes, certain unusual dog behaviors are because of poor training. If you don’t want your dog to be unruly and harsh to your kids and the neighbors, you’ll have to think of a better training approach. One effective consideration is a shock device called an electric training collar or simply, a shock collar. The shock collar can really help to teach your dog better habits but you have to use it correctly. For starters, you have to know what time is ideal for using the training device.

To help you, here are some possible situations:

1. When Your Dog is 6 Months or Older

A dog that’s 6 months or older is a mature dog. This means that it can mentally take any routine that is designed for it and it’s able to understand what you are doing. But you shouldn’t introduce the shock collar right away as some dogs require a little time to get used to the device. In this case, you can put the collar on the dog and wait for a month before delivering shocks to it. When beginning to direct shock to the animal, it’s wise to start with low vibrations before switching to mild forms.

2. When Your Puppy is Overly Aggressive

The animal may not be 6 months old but it is showing some signs of over-aggressiveness, especially to the kids or the neighbors. In such a case, you should use the shock collar to control its rage. Such a puppy will try to go after the guests or bark consistently to discourage them from approaching the compound.

3. When Your Puppy is Showing Undesirable Behaviors

This also applies to puppies. If the little dog shows signs like running away when a stranger approaches the compound or it starts chewing furniture, you have to correct such habits. A shock collar will help you do it.


Using an electric training collar can be a great technique for teaching your dog better habits. So as not to punish the dog or traumatize it, it’s necessary that you know when and how to use the device. You can start with the above pointers. Remember that some dogs might respond differently at varying ages. So, before using an electric collar, consult a nearby vet to ascertain whether or not your dog breed is old enough to understand the correction it is being given.