One of the easiest things to prepare for anyone in the kitchen is the Chipotle Fajita Veggies, vegetarians find it easy and healthy to prepare these veggies, and they have them with any meal. You don’t always have to chipotle restaurants to get this; you can easily prepare them within fifteen minutes. With only five ingredients, you are good to start your preparation journey; however, you need to know various things, including the following:

What you need

As we mentioned earlier, you need a quarter cup of olive oil, two large peppers; they can be either green, orange, or red, depending on what you want to achieve. Get one large red onion or any color of your preference, a half tablespoon fresh oregano perfectly chopped, or the dried ones. Finally, you will need salt for seasoning purposes.

Cutting bell peppers and onions

Before you do any cooking, you should prepare your ingredients, the primary components here being onions and bell peppers; you should know how to cut them neatly to find better final veggies. Start by washing the peppers in cleaning running water, a slice of the bottom and the top of the pepper cut the pepper into half, remove all the seeds, and then start cutting them into tiny strips. Next, take your onions, remove the outer skin, wash them in clean running water, and then cut them in half. Finally, slice each half into tinny neat pieces.


Some people consider seasoning their fatija before tossing; this is an optional thing you should do. If you find it comfortable to take them without seasoning, you should not do this; however, if you are interested in season. You should consider blending your fajita with chili powder, salt, sugar, paprika, onion powder, cayenne pepper, cumin, and garlic powder.

How to sauté your veggies

Take your frying pan and then put it over medium-high heat and get it hot; put the olive oil leave it to heat until it shimmers and when it starts showing any smoking signs. Add all your vegetables, spices and start tossing immediately for about five to seven minutes, or you should consider tossing them until they are tender and crispy. However, they should still maintain their bright color. Remove from the heat and serve while hot.


You will have your Chipotle Fajita Veggies in less than ten minutes, and you can serve them with rice or any meat like chicken or beef.