Managed network solutions are used to keep your company’s internet costs down while also improving its security. While most businesses are aware of the many benefits that come with cloud computing, it can be difficult to understand how these systems work. Furthermore, not all companies will have the expertise necessary to set up a cloud-based system on their own. That is where managed network solutions step in. A third-party IT service provider can help you implement and manage your own remote server for email or other online needs.

Businesses typically choose either virtual private networks (VPNs) or total WAN optimization (TWAO) systems for their internet connectivity needs. VPNs act as an extension of your existing infrastructure, which means that every device you have is protected by the same security protocols. TWAO, on the other hand, protects only your data traffic, so your public cloud resources are not safeguarded against infiltration attempts.

With a VPN in place, technicians can configure firewalls to allow access only to authorized users in order to reduce exposure. It increases productivity by allowing employees in different geographic locations to work remotely without compromising security in any way. Moreover, if software licensing is an issue for your company, then it pays to know that you won’t have to pay extra when accessing applications hosted outside of your network.

Managed network solutions will also allow you to securely access all of your data and files located on external drives. You can even share files across platforms with relative ease, which is particularly useful for complying with regulations that require document retention. Furthermore, should one of your devices break down or get lost, it will be easy to log into another computer and retrieve all of the information stored in the cloud. This way, secured files won’t get into the wrong hands if business equipment gets stolen or misplaced for any reason.

However, managing different network types at separate locations can become difficult without an expert guiding you through it all. That’s why managed network solutions are so effective; they eliminate all security risks by allowing remote administration access while reducing costs at the same time. For instance, with a VPN in place, companies can reduce online expenses by hosting their email servers in the cloud rather than on-site. Additionally, even if your company’s sites become unresponsive, you won’t suffer any consequences because all of your data can be stored and retrieved from another location at any given time.

Managed network solutions help businesses increase productivity and efficiency while also reducing costs; what more could you want?