When vacation trips are mentioned, many people think of relaxation, laying by exotic pool sides, and eating whatever we please. Yes, it sounds great, but it can be recipe for packing more weight and falling out of your fitness habits. So, what can you do during your next vacation to maintain your fitness habits? Well, consider having an active vacation. Generally, an active vacation will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and more focused when you return to your normal routines.

For inspiration, Anytime Fitness recommend the following activities that can help stay active and healthy on any vacation:

1. Hiking, Camping and Backpacking

These are some of the best activities to get you away from your normal routines and get incredible workout. Getting outdoors in the woods means no desserts or restaurants to tempt you. If you plan to eat, you have to pack it and take it with you. These activities involve carrying heavy packs full of the items that you will need, including food, sleeping bag, and tent. These extra weights offer a great challenge to you entire body and can go a long way in helping you lose weight.

2. Fitness Vacations

If you are a fan of spa-style retreats, a fitness vacation might be perfect for you. It can be a romantic getaway for couples or a bonding trip with your family members. Most of these retreats include spa treatments, fitness classes, walking trails, and fat gourmet meals.

3. Cycling

If you love cycling, you can consider going for a cycling tour for your next active vacation. If you partner with a guided cycling tour company, the trips can be planned out for you and be guided by experienced tour guides. There are also tour companies that organize what is commonly referred to as “inn-to-inn”, which simply means that you will be riding by the day and staying in a comfortable B&B at night.

4. City Sightseeing

You can also stay in great shape on your city getaway. Spare sometime in the morning and hit up a local gym before you start your day. If possible, skip the car or taxi and strive to walk from place to place whenever possible. Instead of partaking in fancy cocktails and rich desserts, opt for gourmet restaurants where small portions and great presentations are part of the art.

When it comes to fitness, consistency plays an integral role. Your fitness routines and habits should go with you wherever you go—even when you are on vacation. Hopefully, the above highlighted activities will help you maintain your mindset shift and change in lifestyle—all of which are critical for lifelong fitness. For other fitness needs, contact Anytime Fitness and don’t hesitate to check Anytime Fitness prices from time to time for great fitness offers.