Vietnam offers excellent and sensational opportunities for teachers to work in one of the most exciting and beautiful states in the southeast of Asia. Vietnam considers educations as one of the core pillars of her development with its fast-growing economy. As such, the teaching jobs give teachers excellent opportunities to work and enjoy the natural beauty of Vietnam vast coastal beaches, inland mountains, and complex river systems. Besides, teachers experience a fascinating traditional culture that is changing vast as the country is fast opening to the outside world.

The demand for English rose with the vast growing economy, and middle-class people want their children to attain proficient levels in English so that they can work in international companies within and outside Vietnam. For this reason, the private and government education sector is pushing towards the teaching and learning of the English language. Large and small cities have responded positively by instructing English at all grade levels of education and opened up a plethora of learning institutions. With the rising number of these institutions, Vietnam Teaching Jobs have as well increased abundantly.

The minimum requirements for landing a handsomely paying job in Vietnam are:

-Bachelor’s degree
-Clean criminal records
-Native English speaker
-Recognized teaching Certificate from a recognized institution
such as TEFL and ESL certificates
-Experience, however, depends on individual institution

Teacher Remuneration

First-time teachers take home an average of $1000 monthly. Experienced and highly qualified teachers can earn up to $2000 a month; however, this depends on the type of employer. Besides, teachers can choose to work as freelancers meaning they are paid on hourly rates. For freelancer teachers, the hourly rate ranges from $15-$30. It should be noted that most teaching jobs are found in major cities like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi; however, jobs are available throughout the cities in the country.

Teacher Employers

Teachers are employed to work in public and private learning institutions as part-time or full-time workers. Full-time teachers sign a 1-year contract that comes with health insurance, holiday pay, and contract bonuses. On the other hand, part-time teachers are paid cash and minimal benefits attached. Part-time jobs are usually short, ranging from 3-4 hours a day, translating 20 hours of teaching in a week.

Vietnam Teaching Jobs pays handsomely, and all you need is to meet the minimum requirements. Apply today and be sure of working in a conducive environment with a plethora of opportunities.