It is wise to understand some basic commercial photography pricing as a brand manager or a product promoter. This will help you budget for your promotion projects and other additional charges that might arise in the process. It is also wise to understand that different commercial photography services have different pricing charges, and this is due to the quality and level of technology they use. At the end of the day, you will be required to pay for the services, and like any other business enterprise, the goal is to minimize spending and maximize revenue. We went ahead and researched some basic factors that you can use to price any service before hiring.

How to Price any Commercial Photography Project

By Number of Pictures

Companies pay for the quality and quantity of the job any service offered to their organization, and when it comes to product promotion, it is wise to apply the same. As a product and brand manager, your goal is to achieve product awareness, and by saying attention means offering a lot of pictures with enough information about your products. Without any doubt, the number of views is supposed to determine the amount of money you should pay. Discuss or bargain with your choices on the charges or price per image.

Type of Editing Software

The software determines the quality and the type of picture you should upload; a good commercial photography agency should have advanced software that will help differentiate your product from other online products. So, the pricing of your project should base itself on the type of editing software available. The advanced and improved software the company has, the higher the prices, but this should only be used if the photographer is willing to conduct a full photo session with upload as part of the package. If you are a photographer, then software advancement should dictate the amount of price you should charge. And if you’re are a brand manager, the kind of images and quality resolutions should guide you.


Skills determine the quality and market presence; if an agency has an already established website where they offer product promotion for its customers, then the pricing should be different from the normal photographers. As a manager, you need an already working platform, and if a service is willing to offer the same, then pricing should be different. One of the major challenges in picking a good commercial service is the price, and this is because there are no standards on how much a full commercial photography pricing session should cost.