Horse bedding or the debate on which types are best is an ongoing debate. wood shavings, sawdust, and straw all have their own merits and their own drawbacks. Wet straw can promote the growth of molds, if every speck of it is not cleaned out. Wood shavings are absorbent, but do not control odors very well. Sawdust is not good for horses with respiratory issues like heaves.

But, now there is something the can outperform all these options and can be used for just about any horse bedding situation. Hemp for horse bedding is a good choice for discriminating horse stable owners who want their horses to be stalled in comfort, while keeping down on dust and the growth of molds.

One advantage of Hemp for horse bedding is that it’s far more absorbent than straw or wood shavings. This means there is less moisture that may promote hoof disease such as thrush. It also means a horse will stay warmer and more comfortable in the stall at night, especially during the Winter months.

Hemp has antimicrobial properties. It can resist the growth of molds and spores that can contribute to respiratory illness in some horses. It’s a good choice for older horses with respiratory illness such as chronic asthma or horses with heaves. It it not dusty at all, which means there is no dust to worry about with horses that have respiratory illnesses.

Hemp reduces odor better than pine shavings or straw. Though keeping horse stalls dry and clean is the main objective, it’s also nice to have a horse barn that smells cleaner and fresher from day to day. Hemp is particularly good at reducing odors of ammonia, which can be detrimental to the health of horses when stalled in barns at night.

Hemp is biodegradable and can decompose much faster than shavings, sawdust, or straw. It is also a sustainable source, which means using hemp has less of a negative impact on the environment. it grows in a variety of soil types and climates as well.

If you want a bedding choice for your horses that surpasses shavings, sawdust, or straw, consider hemp. It reduces toxins that can negatively affect the health of horses and horse owners who work in the barn. It is better for the environment, and helps keep odors down in the barn. It absorbs far more than other bedding types, which means horses will stay dryer and healthier when they must be stalled.