Skill aside, instruments are the most crucial investments to a musician, whether professional or otherwise. As such, choosing the right trumpet is very important. This can however be daunting for beginners with no knowledge of where to start.


Trumpets fall into three broad categories: the basic trumpet, cornets and flugelhorns. The latter two are rather specialized, so it would probably not make sense for a beginner to opt for either. The basic instrument will do for most. It’s worth mentioning that they’re meant to play at varying pitches, with the most common being B flat. As one progresses, they could focus either exclusively on a specific type or the whole range as is the case with some experts.

Level of Skill

This is the most important element of choosing the first trumpet. Some models have advanced parts or features specifically meant for seasoned players. Those meant for beginners are mostly B flat instruments, and many of them can be found in local music dealerships. As a novice, it would be advisable to start with these then move on to more advanced models as the level of skill improves.


Even among the B flat types, there are several sub-categories. To help in choosing among these, one could use their budget as the deciding factor. This would involve deciding how much they’re willing to part with for the instrument, then stick to it. Still, one needs to choose the best option available given their budget.

Accessories and Other Factors

One needs to ensure that the instrument they want to purchase comes with a case and mouthpiece. This isn’t usually an issue with new purchases. For second-hand instruments however, one needs to ensure that they can get a case for the specific model they’re considering.

Another essential consideration is the additional items that come with the trumpet, but at no extra cost. These would include a quality care kit, warranties and any other freebies. A care kit would normally consist of polishing cloths, several brushes, valve oils and cleaning snakes. If this isn’t offered, it’s vital to acquire it for future care and maintenance of the instrument.

Buying a trumpet can be exciting, especially if one knows well what they’re doing. It’s worth remembering that music is meant to be fun. As such, one needs to spend some time on researching the instrument to ensure it will make their learning experience as enjoyable as possible. With time, most people develop particular preferences for their instruments. Most players become loyal to certain makes and models as they gain experience.