Figuring out the best style of gate that will match the décor of your home can be a bit challenging considering the wide range of styles and materials available. For inspiration, here are some of the common styles of gates that you can consider for your Corlette home:

1. Timber Gates

Timber gates are common in both traditional and contemporary homes in Corlette. Using timber in your gate is considered as one of the perfect ways of creating warm and inviting entrance to your home. To improve its functionality, you can incorporate metal or steel into its design.

2. Steel Gates

If you want to achieve a completely traditional design appearance that’s perfect for a more conservative home or a heritage building, steel gates is the best bet. Due to its barred nature, a steel gate will give you an opportunity to showcase the beautiful architectural design of your home while still ensuring impressive level of security.

3. Aluminum Gates

Aluminum is gradually becoming the go-to material for gates in Corlette, and for a wide range of good reasons. To begin with, these types of gates can be made in a variety of styles and sizes, and can be a perfect addition to any building. Aluminum can also be designed to appear to be made from steel or timber, depending on your tastes and preferences. What’s more, due to the lightweight nature of aluminum, it is possible to create much bigger gate designs with less heavy duty operating mechanisms than hardwood and steel.

4. Customized gates

If you are after a more daring design gates, you can opt for any type of sturdy metal—from Corten steel to luxurious bronze and anything between. By choosing rear types of architectural metals, you will have a good chance to create a unique gate that will perfectly match your home. You can also opt for wide range of bespoke hardwoods such as the Shou Sugi timber, Iroko, the American black walnut, and the European oak among others. You can easily match these types of bespoke timbers to your front and garage door designs.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are several styles of gates in Corlette that you can install in your home. Irrespective of the style that you choose, you can always boost its functionality by engineering matching automation mechanism depending on its weight, size and the location that you want it to be installed. There are also a variety of access control options that you can choose based on your preferences and lifestyle.