Wearing a custom straw hats during warm weather is practical and fashionable for men and women. There are many kinds of hats that will protect you from the sun heat. These hats are fragile. This means that they require special care and maintenance. As a hat owner, it is crucial that you know the nuances of caring and maintaining the hat to stay for long and not age quickly. Read the guide below to understand how to care for custom straw hats.


When using the hat, handle it with care to avoid losing the shape. It is advisable you hold its wings and not the crown since this can break the straws. Use an iron to remove creases or marks. However, confirm the instructions manual to know if your hat can withstand ironing and the right temperature. Ensure you iron it with the lowest temperature to prevent damaging the fiber.


Straw hats have been designed to protect people from scorching heat from the sun but not from the rain. The fibers can quickly rot if exposed to wetness, and the water can result in swelling and then breakage of the straws. The hat can then lose the remarkable shape. The perfect method to care for the cap is protect it from water. In case it comes into contact, ensure it has dried immediately and in the proper way.

Clean Regularly

After wearing the hat for a short time, ensure you clean it well. Use a damp and clean piece of cloth to get rid of any dust that may have accumulated. A brush with soft bristles can be another alternative for removing debris and dust. If there is too much dust or dirt, you may have to use an advanced cleaning method, like using a vacuum brush or getting a professional to do the cleaning. However, check if it is washable before you begin cleaning. Remove the ribbons first and wash them separately.


Straw hats are prone to various elements like sweat and dust. Therefore, they require frequent cleaning and ample care to ensure they are in good shape. If you have one, follow the above tips to help you provide the right care. Handle it with the utmost care and keep it safe from water. You also need to know ways to wash it properly without damaging it. These steps will ensure the hat will not age quickly or lose its shape.