Whether your cat is new to the world of scratching posts or is an old pro, there are a few things to look for in a cat scratcher. There are a few different materials, including Sisal, Corrugated cardboard, and wood. But whether your cat prefers wood or a corrugated cardboard scratcher is ultimately a personal preference.

Corrugated cardboard

Using corrugated cardboard is a fantastic alternative to buying a cat scratcher. It’s a good way to avoid waste and save money. If you don’t have any corrugated cardboard lying around, you can easily cut strips from a cereal box. Be sure that the strips are all the same width to avoid creases and splinters. Cut strips from a cardboard box with a self-healing cutting mat or an x-acto knife. Then use hot glue to attach the strips together. Clear packing tape is best because you can easily remove it after recycling the cardboard.


If you’re looking for a cat scratcher that’s durable and lightweight, look no further than a Sisal cat scratcher. These sturdy pieces are made of natural sisal rope, are stapled at the ends, and do not require any glue. In addition, if your cat gets bored scratching the post, you can cover it in a sisal cat scratching mat and redirect it to a more appropriate surface.


Cat scratchers can come in various styles. There are horizontal ones, vertical ones, and those made of sisal or carpet. Wooden cat scratchers are more expensive than sisal or carpet. Most cat scratchers have a vertical shape with a long post attached to a square base. Some have interactive elements, such as attached feathers and crinkle balls. Other styles have poles that vary in height to accommodate different cat sizes.


The PetMAKER Cat Scratcher is a great way to give your cat some exercise and playtime. Its unique design features a carpeted base and a vertical tower for your cat to stretch its legs. Its sturdy construction makes it ideal for stress relief and grooming. Its three cat toys are sure to please your feline friend. And it doesn’t hurt that your furniture won’t be scratched!

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a good scratching post for your cat, look for one that is tall enough to accommodate their climbing abilities, has a durable construction, and has a non-toxic surface. Here are some things to look for when buying a cat scratcher: size, material, shape, design, and price.