One of the qualities of medium weight turnout rug is that they are usually less expensive than other rugs. However, many people don’t realize that there is a big difference in quality when it comes to these rugs. Naturally, you want to buy the highest quality product you can afford but don’t pay more than you have to for it, or you could be putting your horses’ health at risk.

So what kind of quality should you look for? First, let’s talk about quality materials. They are typically manufactured from high-end fibers like wool or cotton. Some of these fibers are stronger than others. The best medium-weight rugs will have both high quality and high thread count.

A high thread count means that there are many threads per square inch. Most of these types of rugs will be under two hundred strands per square inch. You want your horse rugs to feel soft against your horse’s legs and skin. A good rule of thumb is to never buy a rug rated lower than a thousand on the thickness scale. A medium-weight rug for your horse rated lower than a couple hundred will be very hard to clean.

You want to find rugs that are well constructed. On the other hand, you do not want something that is poorly built and will not last. One of the best things you can do is inspect the rug’s construction before you purchase it. Look at how thick it is. How many knots are in a pile?

If you notice any loose threads or damaged stitching on the rug, then this is something that you do not want. Another critical aspect of the quality medium weight rug is to check the finish. There should be a good finish on the rug. Many cheaper quality rugs will have poor finishes, and this will not only look unattractive, but it will also leave sharp edges on your horse’s legs. If you are looking for a durable medium weight turnout rug, then look for one that is made with top-quality materials and has a good finish.

A good weight rug can also increase the comfort of your horse. However, many of the heavier rugs will cause problems with feet that become sore and swollen. These rugs can be uncomfortable for the horse if he does not have enough padding underneath his feet. This means that you will need to think carefully about what type of rug you purchase for your horse.