The interior ambience of a restaurant is as important as the foods and customer services. If you want your customers to return again and again, you have to make sure they feel comfortable while dining in your restaurant. They should enjoy their meals in a friendly yet professional place. Even the smallest aspects of a restaurant design can affect the way customers interact with your restaurant interior. Everything must be planned well because frequent changes and renovations can be costly.

Dining Area

This is the most important area in a restaurant. Customers come here to enjoy their foods in complete comfort. The dining room of your restaurant must be highly attractive. When working on your restaurant design, you have to pay attention to the types of furniture, furnishings, fixtures, colours and accessories selected for the interior decoration. There should be no impediment in the natural movement of people from important places like entrance, lobby, kitchen and bar. You have to find a middle ground that avoids conflict in the movement of customers and employees. If the place is planned for parties as well, it requires a different approach compared to the restaurant where parties are not held.


The success of your restaurant business depends mainly on the quality of foods you serve to your customers. There is a lot of movement inside the kitchen and the surrounding areas. Clever restaurant design in needed to ensure there is no conflict in the movements of employees. They should feel comfortable and safe working in a high stress fast paced environment. A large number of kitchen equipment is used in a restaurant. There should be proper place for all kitchen items including stoves, ovens, fryers, refrigerators and dish washers.

Storage Area

Lots of items are used in a commercial restaurant. Each item requires proper storage space. Some items are needed only occasionally and must be stored for quick retrieval at short notice. Proper storage space for restaurant cleaning equipment and supplies is needed. When lots of people are working and unknown people are moving in and out constantly, there is always a risk of theft. The storage areas for different items should take into account all these concerns.

Area for the Employees

Employees need some private space when they arrive and leave as well as in-between working sessions. They have to store personal belongings and need a few minutes of resting space during work hours. Their personal items must remain safe and secure while they are working. An area near the kitchen is perfect for building a room for employees.

You need to take into account layout and design of restrooms and manager’s room. You will need support from a professional restaurant design agency to ensure all these aspects of a restaurant interior are designed properly. It will ensure your restaurant meets all industry and government standards.