LinkedIn following is increasingly growing as the channel has established itself not only as a networking tool for professionals but also an excellent marketing platform. You might be wondering why some LinkedIn campaigns perform better than others and also looking to uncover the secrets behind successful ads. Linkedin marketing is more than creating profiles, advertisements, and choosing a billing system. The best LinkedIn lead generation campaigns are those aimed at the right target, have optimized content, and much more.

Here are valuable tips for creating working campaigns on LinkedIn.

Great Ads Are the Key

Ensure that your ads are worth the attention of your target audience. A great ad is short and precise. Even as you ensure that every character count, don’t forget to include a useful call of action that creates a sense of urgency and features a unique offer. You cannot underestimate the power of optimized images; they could be worth thousands of clicks.

Targeting the Right Audience Opens Doors to Campaign Success

Performing campaigns are aimed at the right prospects. Make use of the targeting features to ensure that your campaign reaches your target audience and also maximize useful leads. LinkedIn offers up to 100 selections for targeting. You can opt to target by geographical location, job title, skills, industry, job seniority, and much more. Narrowing down to a particular target and tailoring your ad to that audience is a sure way to heighten the performance of your campaign.

Performance Evaluation Helps

It’s highly advisable to keep track of your ads’ performance by considering a few metrics, including CTR (click-through rate), clicks, impressions, conversion, and leads volume. CTR value is obtained by dividing the number of clicks by impressions (number of times followers viewed your ad), and it’s one of the best metrics to track. Average ads have a CTR of about 0.025%. To improve CTR, refresh your ads with new content, and narrow your target to make the ads more relevant. Work on your landing page to enhance the conversion rate.

Bid and Budget Wisely

The daily budget on LinkedIn refers to the amount of money you are willing to spend on your ads each day. You ads stop showing when the limit is reached. Your bid and budget limits influence the number of impressions and click you get from your ads. Always tests the results before investing thousands of dollars in a campaign. When deciding on the best bidding option for you, consider some trial and error. You might want to start with the bid suggested by LinkedIn, but be sure to bid higher during that time your target audience is more likely to be online.


Running the best LinkedIn lead generation campaigns is no magic; it’s all about being armed with expert information and implementing the measures. Create compelling ads, narrow down to the right target, evaluate the performance, and undertake necessary corrective actions to see your campaigns earn significant leads and conversions.