From manufacture of sale displays to aircraft windows, acrylic has eased the life of human beings in many ways. In everyday products, it commonly used for signs, roof windows, lenses, sales displays, and screens. It is also used in demanding construction projects such as fiber optics in TV screens and as windows in submarines. Due to its availability and high demand, acrylic suppliers in Sydney are forever in booming business. It has become one of the most commonly used materials in the production of household and commercial items.

Nevertheless, there have been concerns about the safety of some of the products made from acrylic.

Food Containers

Many containers used for storage of food and drinks are manufactured from acrylic. Since they are basically plastic items, the probability of posing health risks to users has become a subject for debate. Some plastics, for example, have been found to contain harmful chemicals that may leach into certain kinds of foodstuffs and drinks stored in them. When the container is exposed to heat or becomes old, the chances of leaching increase.

Plastic Nails

One of the many uses of acrylic is making of fake nails. While they are a great and inexpensive ways of enhancing beauty, they may come with harmful health effects. Among them is toxicity which causes sensitivity on the skin under the nail. Furthermore, they may lead to itching and pain on the nail plate in addition to weakening of your natural nails. The application of fake nails may also cause infection especially when the tools used in the process are old or overused.

Harm to the Environment

Many plastic products are unrecyclable. Even the types that can be recycled end up in the bin simply because many people are not willing to use them again. In the end, there are piles of plastic on water bodies, dry ground and even on trees and bushes. The result is not only harm to marine life but also human beings. The toxins released from waste plastics are the culprit of a number of diseases and health conditions.


It’s undeniable that acrylic products have been a great help to man in various ways. They include such economic benefits as job creation in the plastic manufacturing industry. However, the harm that is likely to be brought by the use of plastics threatens to outbalance the gains. Still, it is important to note that most products from acrylic suppliers in Sydney are harmless. They, in fact, are safer than glass as they don’t break easily and when they do, they don’t shatter into pieces.