Turnkey PCB assembly services are ideal for businesses that want to focus on their core competencies such as product design. By letting others do the work of fabricating their circuits, they can save a lot of money on manpower and machinery. They can move with greater agility and shop for the best assembly houses to partner with. They have the expertise, equipment, and experience to provide excellent results. The process can be initiated online through the websites. It usually proceeds in the following manner:

Online Quote

Some sites provide online quote generators. You simply need to input the order quantity and general specifications to get a definite number. Use these to compare the charges of different assembly houses and find those that ask for reasonable amounts. For others, you might need to send an email to negotiate a contract particularly if you have a special project in mind. If you find one that is within your budget and meets your specifications, then you can proceed with the next step.

Sign Up

Sign up through their website. Create an account that you can use to make purchases, track your orders, and communicate with the manufacturer. Include your name, company name, and delivery address. Use your preferred payment method among the available options.

Upload Files

You will need to upload relevant files using their online tool. Make sure that you have finalized everything and that the file type is something that they can work with. Verify everything so that you can be confident that the right designs are going to be used in the Turnkey PCB assembly services.

Send Payment

Once everything is clear, you can send the payment over to the company so that they can start with the process. Check the reputations of various assembly houses so that you can have more confidence paying for their services. Many have been around for decades and have customers all over the world. You need not worry about the quality of their work and the certainty of delivery.


They will begin working on your project as soon as they have received the payment. They will check the design to find the right materials and gather all of the parts needed. They will send it to the proper manufacturing lines and test the output for quality control.


You can check the delivery services that they use to send over the packages. You can usually pick your preferred logistics company and opt for the fastest shipping available. The whole process may take weeks including delivery. Talk to the manufacturer to expedite the process.