There are around 153 million orphaned children in the world. Over 663 children live in poverty in the world. Around 4.3 million children in UK are living in poverty. 49 percent of children reared by single parent are living under poverty in UK. Hence it is very important to help out these children to provide them a happy childhood and a life enabled with all basic requirements of survival along with education. It is the right of every child to get every basic need of existence as well as enough of fun, entertainment and happiness. A lot of charities are running all over the world assisted and funded by government, people, trusts, businesses or organisations. Here is a detailed insight of some of the best childrens charities London:

-Little Lives UK: Little Lives UK is a London based charity founded in 2017. It provides aids to disabled, disadvantaged and vulnerable children all across London. The charity has three stores Rayness Park, Tooting and Fulham which help to raise funds for charity as well as serve as a platform to interact with community. The charity is also supported by local community and organisations. Many organisations help by means of funds, services, products that enrich the charity to reach out for help to maximum of underprivileged children. The charity enables medical help to the handicapped and disabled children. “Someone to Talk With”, technology donations, community support programs are the main campaigns of charity to facilitate enriched life to the needy children.

-The Childhood Trust: The Childhood Trust is working in association with number of other charities, communities, social enterprises to help underprivileged and vulnerable children to live a life enriched with basic resources and education. It has engaged with around 253,633 disadvantaged children for help. It has raised around €6.72 million fund upto now and organized 179 projects related to child help. Decorate a Child’s Life, Meals that Matter, DACL Digital Decorating, London Child Poverty Summit and My Time are some of the highlighted projects of the charity delivered to raise and provide help to the underprivileged children in UK.

-Action For Children: This London based charity is working to upgrade the life of vulnerable, underprivileged and struggling children by providing practical and emotional help. They deliver projects and campaigns to reach out for help to maximum needy children. They help parents to resolve the issues related to mental or physical health of struggling children. In last year only it helped around 368,648 children and families across UK.

-Rainbow Trust Charity: The charity helps families with children from 0-18 years who are suffering from some serious kind of illness. It helps them to get proper medical assistance, treatment, emotional support to fight the illness. It has recently received €160,000 from the Royal Bank of Canada.

Anyone can raise funds, donations, help or services for childrens charities London from online platforms. It would help them to upgrade the life of needy children from suffering to enjoying.