If you’re searching for an air tag collar for dogs, you’ve probably been trying to decide between the FollowPaw and the TILIXI. While these two brands are both popular, there are some key differences between them. Below you’ll find a brief comparison of the two. Then, read on to learn about these air tag collars.


A FollowPaw collar is an eco-friendly, vegan, and safe way to track your dog. It is made of cork leather, a natural material that regenerates the bark and outer layer of the tree. The collar has a V-Buckle closure system and a Fidlock clasp for added safety. Available in black and natural colors, the collar is safe for your dog and comes in four sizes.

The air tag collar for dogs leather and is water and dust-resistant. It also has an engraved design and is about 20% cheaper than the leading brands. The tags also work with existing collars. Consider a FollowPaw air tag collar and leash combo kit for a complete collar solution. The collar comes with a matching leash. In addition, you can choose between a silicone collar or a leather collar with a built-in GPS.

The leather collar has thickly lined, sealed edges and is comfortable for your pet. However, it’s an investment, so it makes sense to buy one. The collar comes with an AirTag holder that fits onto the collar with 3M double-sided sticky mounts. If you’re unsure whether to purchase a leather or a plastic collar, read our reviews below. They will help you decide which collar will best fit your dog.


If you are looking for a dog tracking device, a TILIXI AirTag collar is a great choice. This device is perfect for keeping a dog on a leash or tracking them wherever they go. Dog owners can also use it for tracking their belongings, such as luggage tags. Dog collars with AirTag attachments are available, but they are not a foolproof solution. Dogs can get lost and become difficult to find, especially when not under control.

If you want to purchase an AirTag for your dog, there are several places to buy it. You can also find a holder for your AirTag online, which fits on most dog and cat collars. Reviews about AirTag collars are usually posted on the product pages, and Amazon even has a recommended products section, so you can find out which one has the best reviews. If you don’t want to purchase one online, a pet store employee can help you make the best choice.

The TILIXI AirTag uses a patented wireless network that connects to your mobile phone or other blue-tooth-enabled devices to give precise location information. Unlike most collars that emit a tone when your dog goes missing, this device will let you know about it. Using a smartphone app, you can find exactly where your pet is and how long they’ve been missing.