Nepal mad honey is not like your regular honey. This is because it contains a compound called grayanotoxin, which is found on the Rhododendron flower. Bees extract it from pollen and from nectar. In turn, the honey contains the compound. Now, let’s discuss a few benefits of mad honey from Nepal.

Support Health

Traditional honey may be good for you, but the mad variety is thought to be better by many people. It supports overall good health, such as supports a healthy and strong immune system. It can also be taken to help with diabetes and it can help treat high blood pressure. All you have to do is add a small amount of it to your milk or tea.

Hallucinogenic Effects

Perhaps its hallucinogenic effects is what mad honey is best known for. The main compound in it is what causes these effects. The effects can be best described as how you would feel after having a few drinks. Bear in mind that in order to experience such effects, you’ll have to take the honey on an empty stomach. You’ll need between 2-4 tablespoons if you are trying to get that hallucinogenic effects.

Tastes Good

Let’s not forget to mention that this honey has a sweeter taste than the mainstream brands of honey. You might be surprised at how good it tastes. Remember, the best way to use it is to add it to your tea or milk. Regardless if you eat it on its own, add it to your tea or put some of it in your tea, you’ll find that it has a good taste to it.

Small Serving Sizes

Finally, you don’t need to take a lot to reap its benefits. Generally speaking, 1-4 tablespoons is all you need. If using it in your drink, simply add a single tablespoon to it. If eating it on its own, then go right ahead and consume up to 3-4 tablespoons. If in doubt about the serving size and how much you should take, just look at the instructions on the label and follow those instructions. Regardless of the type of mad honey you buy, you’ll only need a small amount.

Do you want honey that offers hallucinogenic effects and supports your health? How about honey that tastes amazing and that only requires a small amount to reap its benefits? If this sounds good, then you should order Nepal mad honey.