The first step to creating a great pizza is starting with the bases. Different bases are good for different types of pizza, with thin crust being best for pizzas that are topping heavy and thick crusts better for those with a little more sauce. Thick crust pizza bases are also great when you have a crowd and you need to fill them up in a hurry, such as a crowd of teenage boys or a group that has been moving all day. You can also have a little more fun with the sauce and cheese; a thick crust takes a lot before you see the bending, making it a great crust to have some fun with.

Key Advantages To A Thick Crust

A good thick crust, when cooked so that the bottom is crunchy, can handle a lot more toppings than other crusts. This means that you can heap a lot of different toppings on top of it and know that it can take it. This also means that you can add in a little more sauce as the crust can absorb it better. As noted, the crust is also great for those that need the carbohydrates, such as someone leading an active life or who has an intensive exercise regimen. For those looking for a pizza that is extremely satisfying a thick crust is a great way to start.

Disadvantages to Keep in Mind

For those worried about their weight, a thin crust is probably better; lots of carbohydrates means lots of calories. Also, not everyone is a fan of a thick crust; it lacks the sheer crunch and cannot be folded as easy as a thin crust pizza can be. Also, a thin crust requires about half of the cooking time that a thick crust requires, and is less likely to have a doughy center for those just learning to cook pizza. However, these are usually matters of taste and vary from person to person.

When it comes down to it, thick crust pizza bases are one of the most popular crusts, and for a lot of people are what they think of when they think of pizza. The crust is easy to make, and most pizza recipes are geared towards thick crust; it is just a simpler crust and forgives a lot more than other crusts. For those looking for a crust that gives you a lot of freedom to play with and is extremely satisfying, thick crusts are the way to go.