Hidden inside every disaster is a wonderful opportunity waiting to transform your life. The worst of the pandemic may have passed but that doesn’t mean everything is going to go back to normal very quickly, right?

As the owner of your business and the leader of your team, it is your duty to make sure your team is in a positive frame of mind at all times. Unconventional times require unconventional team building and motivational strategies.

Check out four cool ideas that can help you and your team get diverted from the big bad virus and enjoy work and life a bit better.

Whacky Recipes

With outdoor activities out of the window, you will have to come with something interesting and quirky that can be done within the confines of your home. Cooking is a good option because it give you a lot of scope for experimentation without becoming too complicated.

Add a dash of color to standard pepperoni recipes and you have a multi-colored pizza that can be shared, virtually of course, with the whole team. You can have a competition where the top prize to those who can come with the weirdest but also the tastiest combination of pepperoni with another ingredient.

Team Board Games

Playing Scrabble on a smartphone app can become boring and monotonous after a while. You can perk up your team by going back to good old board games. Only, your employees will have to form teams, interact with each other virtually, and win the team prize.

Virtual meetings have become the norm, which means people must become as comfortable with this medium as they are with real-life interactions. A competition where team work is essential can help smoothen the transition.

Story Telling

Again, this may seem a bit too juvenile for adults. But, this may actually prove to be a smart move because lack of personal interactions can result in a sense of isolation and loss of camaraderie.

Exchanging stories and learning more about how the other person thinks can foster the team spirit. Of course, it need not be serious all the time. Go whacky and encourage people to come up with the stories with the weirdest plots and ideas.

And then, you can combine all these ideas. A whacky pepperoni recipe combined with a virtual board game competition followed by a story telling session once a week can rejuvenate the team and help your business run more efficiently.