The Revit certification exam is version non-specific. It is an exam that is majorly used to test one on the level of functionality and not necessarily on the new features. It helps check one’s level of competence. This certification is to help certify that you can use the Autodesk adequately.

The topics covered in this certification exam include collaboration, documentation, elements and families, modeling, and views. This training program is useful to the Autodesk credited experts to use the Revit building program adequately.

After completing the program, one can easily use the tools for the building system processes.

Experts who have completed the certification exam can easily display their expertise. They can do this by using the Revit for engineering jobs for all and particular structures.
The complete Revit certification is offered in many authorized training centers. This course prepares you for architecture jobs that you will meet in the field.

Passing this exam is quite easy as long as you follow a few guidelines. The first is that you have to ensure that you use two screens during this exam. One screen should be to view Revit files while the other you use to view the exam questions. In the absence of two screens, it is advised that you use to control and Alt to toggle between the two browsers.

Ensure that the Revit you intend to use opens automatically when you start your examination. Read thoroughly and carefully through the questions. This is to ensure you fully understand the question before you begin answering it. It helps avoid various simple errors.

In case you have forgotten the user interface, ensure you remind yourself. Remind yourself of all the tool locations like the collaboration tools, the warning icon, among others.

Work with time during this exam. Skip any questions that you may be uncertain of. Because the more you stay in one question, the more the clock ticks. In case of any spare time by the time you finish the paper, you can use that to review the incomplete items and the complete ones too.

These are goodies that come with excelling in this certification process. When you have successfully passed this exam, you will receive a personalized e-certificate from Autodesk. You will also be able to obtain logos that will help you fill up your CV. These logos will also be useful in creating your company’s website.
You should thoroughly research all the Revit certification institutions before enrolling in one.