How could it be if we could take punk rock fashion back to the 18th century? Wonder no more as that’s the inspiration behind steampunk fashion Australia. It’s a creative way to fuse the past with the present and what follows is a unique fashion sense that is nothing short of enchanting.

For men

In the 18th century, men were noted for their silk, linen, and leather attire. Silk and linen wear mainly for the upper garments while the shoes were made of high-quality leather. Steampunk fashion Australia can help you mimic this cool effortlessly.

Steampunk Vests

Vests were commonly worn to complement the shirts men wore. A Victorian pirate vest with Gothic accents would definitely suit the occasion. As a perfect piece for gracing steampunk events, it features rivet and lace decorations on the front and adorns a brown-black hue. The entire garment is designed from polyester which is a perfect mimic for silk.

Perhaps you are going for a clean gentleman’s look that still hints of gothic and punk. Great! A Victorian velvet coat in burgundy pairs nicely with your gothic pants and boots. This vest is made of silky polyester that feels like satin. It is fitted with four pairs of ornamental buttons at the front in Sergeant Pepper’s style. Contrasting faux leather pockets complement the buttons further.

Steampunk tops

A brilliant steampunk vest can only stand out if it’s worn over an equally fashionable top. A white pirate top would be ideal to complement your gothic vest. The front features the ancient eyelet drawstring design you might have seen in pirate movies. The color is described as dirty white which definitely throws hints of the vintage sea life. The entire top is 100% cotton which makes it breathable as well.

An equally intriguing steampunk top for the gothic occasion is a pirate treasure top. The top is soft from the poly-cotton blend then hardened with leather accents. In addition, it features front laces and arm buckle straps that are made of leather. Leatherette panels are used to decorate the shoulders too and accentuated with silver hoops.

Steampunk Coat

Your 18th-century steampunk look cannot be complete without a decent looking jacket. A Victorian steampunk jacket doesn’t disappoint with its velvety profile. The crimson velvet upper is complemented by black tuxedo tails on the bottom. The back of the coat is decorated with laces in corset style.


As a man who loves the steampunk look, you have to grace any gothic event in style. If you have been wondering how to style your gothic pants and boots, the above steampunk fashion tips should get you started.