This is the era of smart homes and smart cities. With the growing awareness and emphasis on environmental protection, many people are turning to smart city consulting experts to give them creative designs that save energy and enhance health and community safety. Fortunately, you can find these experts in many cities. Just select the right ones and they will put their expertise to work for you. Below are some things these professionals can do for you.

Design Smart Homes

A smart city starts with smart homes and offices. You want a home that harnesses clean and natural energy sources and this is what you get when you deal with the right consultant. A smart home professional will design a house that uses solar energy for electricity and a beautiful garden to purify the air and increase oxygen supply. This enhances both outdoor and indoor air quality and the result is that you enjoy good health all year round.

Recommend Smart Gardens and Farms

If you have enough space in your compound, a smart livestock farm is an excellent idea. You can start with a small poultry farm and add a small fish pound later. Now, the smart move here is that both farms will enjoy a symbiotic relationship. Meanwhile, you already have a garden so you connect everything and minimize waste. For instance, chickens in your poultry farm give you compost and you can use this to fertilize your garden. Soak some of the bird droppings in water and you get maggots to feed the fish in your fishpond. When you harvest the fish, the waste water is rich in organic matter and you can use it to irrigate your vegetable garden.

Recommend Smart Transportation Options

We all know that fossil fuels are bad for the environment and this is why manufacturers are making the switch to electric cars and motorcycles. Electric cars and bikes use batteries and this is safer for the environment. Just charge your battery and you can move for many hours without burning diesel or gasoline. You can even use a bicycle to move around in some cases. Now, this is the ultimate smart city transport option. A bicycle does not require any battery or fossil fuel. Just pump your tires and you are good to go.

Finally, smart city consulting includes sensible recycling options. Find the right experts, use their recommendations judiciously and you will get excellent results all the time.