Shopping for beds in the UK has been made so much easier by the internet as you can get almost all the information you need online. It is important to do some research on the types of beds available in order to know exactly what you want when you go shopping. There are many types of single beds for sale in the UK. Below are some of the types you are bound to come across when you go shopping for beds.

Types of Single Beds

The standard size of a single bed in the UK is 91cm by 190cm. Single beds are a popular choice for children’s rooms where most people try to save on space to create more space for playing and storage among other things. You can, therefore, get two single beds that come as a set and stack one on top of the other to have a bunk bed. However, if space is not an issue, you can place them side by side. There are also high sleeper and mid sleeper beds which are a great option as the space underneath the bed can be used for storage, as a study area, or a play area. High sleeper beds are the same height as a bunk bed while mid sleeper beds are higher than regular single beds but lower than bunk beds. Some single beds have drawers on the headboards or on the sides while others have storage space under the base.

The beds come in many different designs. The bed frames can be made of wood, leather, metal or suede. Wood and metal are the most popular choices of bed frame materials. They are available in different colors, and are durable and easy to clean. Leather and suede bed frames are more expensive than wood and metal but they add a touch of elegance to a room. Faux leather and suede are more cost-effective alternatives. Leather and suede bed frames are not very easy to clean and you need to hire specialists to clean them for you from time to time.


Whether you want new or used single beds, you can get them at very affordable prices by taking advantage of deals offered by various manufacturers and retailers. You should confirm whether the bed you choose comes with a mattress or not. Make sure you choose a good mattress for the bed you buy and for your comfort depending on your preferences. Try and find a supplier that guarantees their products to be assured of the quality of the bed you buy.