Services offered by mobile physio eastern suburbs include the following.

  1. Home Visits:
    Home visits are possible for people with a temporary or permanent injury, illness, or any other relevant health concerns which cannot be treated in a clinic.
  2. Workplace Visits:
    Workplace visits may be beneficial, particularly in cases where the patient is unable to rotate in and out of the clinic during their working hours. This enables the physiotherapist to work around your schedule, rather than you having to rearrange your work schedule to suit them.
  3. School Visits:
    School visits can also be done if necessary for children who may need physiotherapy care but not necessarily weekly sessions at the clinic. This service has been greatly appreciated by parents who do not want to take time off work (or miss school) every week to take their kids to a physiotherapist.
  4. Group visits:
    Group visits are available for gym classes, aquatic classes, and similar sessions where it is difficult for everyone to rotate in and out of the clinic weekly or monthly. It can also be beneficial if you have a large group of people taking up the service offered by our mobile physiotherapists in the eastern suburbs.
  5. Afterhours/Emergency Services:
    After hours, weekend and early morning appointments may be arranged on request depending on the availability of a particular therapist or therapists that work within your budget range and location area. Mobile physiotherapy services cater to all areas, including Sydney CBD, Inner City Eastern Suburbs, Outer East Eastern Suburbs, North Shore of Sydney, Northern Beaches of Sydney, and also Airport West.
  6. Lectures:
    Mobile physio eastern suburbs mobile physiotherapists provide lectures to community groups, clubs, and societies on health matters that affect their members. Many organizations have found this service extremely beneficial for the education of their group members. Mobile physiotherapists also visit local schools, TAFEs/Universities, churches, and other groups who may be interested in hosting them as guest speakers.
  7. Injury Rehabilitation:

Injury rehabilitation is a service provided by physiotherapists for people who have had surgery or other types of injury to a specific part of their body. This may include children who need to learn to walk again after a leg fracture/broken bone or older patients who have had hip or knee replacement surgery.

General Health Checks:

Some general health checks are available from the mobile physiotherapy services, including assessing weight loss programs and giving advice on good posture as well as exercises that can be done at your home. Healthy lifestyle choices will always be recommended by our experts in physiotherapy to give you the best chance for a healthy, active life full of vitality and energy!