If you have a large yard or garden, a great way to improve its functionality and appearance is to establish a lawn. In that regard, there are two options that you should consider. The first is to plant natural grass while the other is to install an artificial lawn.

Installing a Natural Lawn

Grass grows exceptionally well in Adelaide and most parts of Australia. When in need of lawn installation Adelaide residents only need to find a reputable landscaper to do the job. This usually starts with clearing of the ground to remove all existing plants and top soil. New soil is then imported to the ground and leveled before grass can be planted.

Grass can be planted from seeds, grass cuttings or sod. Seeds take time to germinate, so you will have to wait months for the whole yard to be covered in grass. The second option is to use grass cuttings. This is better than growing grass from seeds, but it will still take a couple of weeks for the grass to cover the whole yard. The best option is to install sod. This is simply germinated grass seeds that have grown and formed a natural carpet. After preparing the surface, the sod can be laid on the surface and watered, thereby creating an instant lawn.

Natural grass lawns have many benefits, but they also come with shortcomings. The main setback is the maintenance cost as grass requires weeding, watering, addition of fertilizers and regular mowing. After a couple of years, the lawn must also be replaced to ensure it grows well.

Artificial Lawn Installation

If you are looking for a type of lawn that requires zero maintenance, lasts long and looks great all year round, it may be a great idea to install a synthetic lawn. Also known as artificial turf, the material may look like a carpet, but it’s much more durable and looks like natural grass. Installation usually starts with clearing of the area. The grass, top soil, rocks and tree stumps are all removed and the area leveled before being compacted. Next, pieces of crushed rocks are arranged on the surface, compacted and smoothed to create a base on which the turf will be installed. After that, turf is laid on the surface and secured with seven-inch stainless steel pins.

Whichever option you choose, be sure to hire a competent landscaper to help you with the installation. A key factor to consider is the experience of the landscaper. Ideally, you should give strong consideration to landscapers who have handled many similar projects in the past. The ideal landscaper should also be licensed and insured to offer landscaping services. The cost they quote should also be competitive.