There are too many electronic cigarette brands in the market. In addition to that, each manufacturer makes various models of electronic cigarettes. It can be difficult to go through all such products and find the one that best meets your requirements. There are some well known brands that make quality products in this industry. Their electronic cigarettes will give you excellent vaping experience. V2 is one such brand that offers high quality electronic cigarettes and related products. Take a look at its EX Series line of products. Read V2 EX Series review to find more information on products available in this range.

As soon as you take a V2 EX Series electronic cigarette in your hand, you realize you are holding a very high quality product. The company offers both a starter kit and a pro kit. The starter kit keeps receiving very high rating from new users who have just switched to electronic cigarette from traditional cigarette. The starter kit e cig gives you good throat hit. It is about $20 more expensive than other starter kits in the same category but the investment is well worth it. This starter kit comes with everything you need to get started on your vaping journey. It comes with two V2 EX batteries. There are 10 cartridge refills, a wall charger, a USB charger and the user manual. You can find another brand’s e cig starter kit at less price but you will not get the quality and vaping feel that comes with the V2 EX Series starter kit e cigarette.

If you have already been smoking e cigs, try the V2 Pro EX Series e cig. It has stainless steel finish and comes with pink and red Bloom, which clearly shows it is also a good choice for female users. When you take a look at its cartridge, it becomes clear that a lot of planning has gone into its designing. There is a gauge which lets you see how much liquid is remaining in the cartridge. You will always know when to order another cartridge. A big advantage of this product is that the company does not tie you down to EX Series cartridges. You can try cartridges that are not from EX Series. It gives you the liberty to try your favorite flavors that may be available in a different design cartridge.

Enjoy the thick vapor and good throat hit that V2 EX Series e cigs provide. You will love this cool device with a futuristic design. Read V2 EX Series review to learn more about V2 EX Series starter kit and the Pro model. The only drawback is that these products cost a little bit more than other e cigs available from other brands in the same category.