Whether you are planning to sell your iPhone to get some cash or you simply want to get rid of it so that you can purchase a new smartphone altogether or whatever reason you might be having for selling your iPhone, there are many ways to sell your iPhone in Singapore. Here are some quick sell iPhone Singapore tips plus some of the common pitfalls you should avoid while selling your iPhone.

Heartland shops

Popularly known as ah beng headphone stores in Singapore, heartland shops are some of the top places you can sell your iPhone or any other type of smartphone. Heartland shops are available all over Singapore, especially in estates. You can visit a few heartland shops and then choose the shop that will purchase your iPhone at the highest price.


There are many apps in Singapore that allow you to sell pre-owned stuff including phones. These apps are highly interactive and they seek to connect iPhone buyers with prospective sellers. Sellers can sell their iPhones from the comfort of their homes by simply uploading their phone to these apps. Thereafter, they will get notifications whenever a prospective seller shows up.

Social media

Social media has offered a nice platform for most Singaporeans to sell their iPhones. Selling your iPhone on social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook can be quite convenient since you just have to upload the iPhone you are selling and then you will get a suitable buyer within no time.

Top pitfalls to avoid when selling your iPhone

Not posting enough photos

While selling your iPhone online, you have to post enough photos that will help a potential buyer see the product you are selling to them. If you aren’t posting enough photos, then potential clients won’t know the condition of the iPhone you are selling and thus they will be reluctant to purchase it.

Selling a faulty iPhone

Buyers will first check your iPhone before purchasing it to ensure it is still in proper working condition. If your iPhone is faulty, therefore, no buyer will risk their money purchasing it, so you should always have it fixed before listing it for sale.

Underpricing your iPhone

No matter how badly you want to sell your iPhone, you shouldn’t sell it at a throw-away price. Most buyers tend to think underpriced iPhones are faulty and not in good condition. While pricing your iPhone, make sure the price reflects the quality and real value of your iPhone.

Sell iPhone in Singapore is a walk in the park, provided you have figured out where to sell it. If you have made up your mind to sell your iPhone, avoid the usual pitfalls that most people fall into when selling their iPhones and ensure you are selling yours at the highest possible price.