Frequently, when it comes to fashion-forward contact lenses, people usually opt for blue and green contact lenses. Purple, hazel, and other lenses are used by fashionista but not too much. However, whenever a person thinks of wearing Black Contact lenses, then Halloween comes into his mind. The reason is that gothic, evil, and dark world creatures always have dark black eyes where a person can’t see through any tint of brightness. It’s when the real-creepy feel emerges.

Can I person See-through Black Lenses?

When a person watches movies where a mysterious creature has black eyes, he imagines it won’t be easy to see through it. The fact is that black lenses work and function exactly like other lenses. You can see through them as you do with other ones. When it comes to cost, then you will notice that black shade is pricey than other ones. It’s because people don’t usually buy them and they go on sale during Halloween. Therefore, the price is related to that occasion.

Go and Try Special Effects

Instead of going with full black contact lenses, you should think of grabbing something different this Halloween. Consider getting black sclera as they are different and unique. You can have lenses with special effects. When someone looks at your eyes, he only sees black everywhere. It feels like your eyes have no life in it. They are fully black and gloomy, with a story of darkness alongside.

When you want to make a fashion statement, then it’s possible through black sclera as they have a glow that brings a bit of drama into your overall look. The real fun of Halloween party will begin when you ask your friends to look directly into your eyes and tell them what exactly you are up to. They won’t be able to have any hint regarding this.

Getting black contacts with white and yellow iris is another idea. Turning your eyes into black and white is something that lets you pull off a complete bizarre look. Some other special effects allow you to have some imagery effects, but they look cartoon most of the time.

In simple words, you can quickly transform yourself into a demonic creature or an evil spirit by trying black lenses with and without special effects. As far as safety is concerned, it would be best if you always bought lenses from a reputable shop. And don’t buy cheap lenses as they are not safe.