If you are interested in investing in London real estate, other than finding yourself the best property developers London, you should also learn which are the key areas to invest in the city.

London is massive. It is one of the most multicultural and busiest cities in the world. For many, it is also a bewildering capital. Property developers in London ranges from impressive Georgian townhouses and luxury riverside apartments, to the more terraced homes and modest flats. Given that diversity, it is normal and expected that the property prices in London vary enormously. This happens due to several reasons, among them the quality, size, and geographical location.

Choosing a type of property when deciding to invest in London is one of the most important decisions. Just as important is to choose an area of London to invest into. London is fortunate to have an excellent public transport system. It allows for easy transit in and around the city. While transport links are a minor factor as a deciding factor, it is much easier to sell and realize your profits or rent and live off your cash flow by preferring property conveniently located near a tube station or underground line.

As for general areas, both Brits and international expats arriving to London share a few popular areas in London. Here they are:

South: Battersea, Clapham, and Wandsworth

Wandsworth and Battersea are particularly preferred by young professionals. While in the recent past these areas featured large, industrial buildings, today these same buildings are being converted into modest flats and large executive apartments. In other words, they are quickly becoming high-quality property located very close to the heart of London.

Clapham offers a slightly cheaper alternative that is popular among expats and Brits alike.

Southwest: Earl’s Court, Fulham, Putney, and Wimbledon

These areas feature good transport links and affordable prices. Fulham and Putney have a “village” atmosphere and good restaurants mixed with bars and pubs.


The west has typically been the most expensive place to live and work in London. This market features high class and top quality property, and the prices are proportional.


Due to the London 2012 Olympics, what was traditionally been a cheaper area of the city has seen a lot of regeneration and new developments. Stratford, especially, has seen many new luxury flats on offer targeting young professionals.


The north also offers a leafy “Village” atmosphere. Most of the rich and famous in London live in this lush area, so prices are higher.


This article is just an introduction to the different opportunities in London, as well as the types of development in each of these areas.