There are many types of personal loan interest rates in existence. These loans can either be secured or unsecured, but the latter are more popular because they are easy to get. When borrowing money, you have to compare personal loan interest rates to ensure you find the most competitively-priced loans. Ideally, you should not rush to submit your application because different lenders usually quote different rates, so you have to conduct the necessary background research to find the right lender for your needs.

There are many loan brokers who can help you find the right loan for your needs. That is why, it is recommended you take a little bit of time comparing the top-rated lenders. Below are the key factors affecting interest rates:

i) Credit Rating

Your credit rating is perhaps the most significant factor affecting the interest rate quoted by a lender. If you have a poor credit history, for instance, you can expect to pay a higher interest rate because lenders will look at you as a risky investment. If you have a higher rating, on the other hand, lenders will be at ease to quote lower rates of interest because you have a proven track record.

ii) Choice of Lender

There are many lenders in the lending industry. Some lenders usually quote higher interest rates while others quote the lowest rates. To get a cheap loan, therefore, you have to compare the rates quoted by different lenders and pick the most affordable lenders. Be sure to check for any hidden charges or extra fees that may further increase the cost of borrowing from a particular lender. You will be happy to know that due to intense competition in the industry, most lenders nowadays charge competitive rates of interest.

iii) Economic Times

The interest rate quoted by lenders usually fluctuate from time to time depending on the economic times. When the economy is performing well, there is usually a lot of money in circulation. Since excess currency in circulation can raise inflation, the government may raise interest rates to try and mop up the extra cash from circulation. This will push up the cost of borrowing.

As you can see, there are many factors affecting interest rates. Therefore, you have to pay attention to these factors before you submit your loan application. This is because you are looking for the cheapest loan on the market. Ideally, you should not rush to make a decision during your research.