Indoor air quality is often neglected yet it can have a tremendous effect on the health and comfort of the house occupants. If you or your loved ones are suffering from low air quality, then consider getting an air scrubber to make things better. Just make sure that you are purchasing a product that does not emit ozone or use this substance in cleaning the air. That’s because it is considered as a pollutant itself and it can damage the environment. Better filters and other cleaning solutions exist, after all. Here’s what you can expect if you acquire an ozone free air scrubber for your house:

Removes Foul Odors

Have you noticed foul odors developing in your house? This could be due to the growth of bacteria or a chemical leak. It could also be due to cigarette smoking, garbage burning, painting, and so on. You will want to hunt for the source and get rid of it whenever possible but the smell could linger even after this. An air scrubber will clean the air and remove the foul odor so that the house can smell fresh again.

Prevents Common Allergies

Have you been feeling ill lately after a renovation, a new pet’s arrival, or the onset of the spring season? If your symptoms include a slight fever, runny nose, and sneezing, then this might be a case of allergy due to excessive dust, pet dander, or pollen. An air scrubber can provide relief by taking in the air around a room and removing the particles floating around. These will be trapped in the filters such that much cleaner air can be re-circulated back in a continuing cycle.

Improves Cleanliness

Cleaning methods such as sweeping and dusting are not very effective as these will only capture some of the dust while pushing the rest of the particles airborne. After a while, they will settle on the room’s surfaces. Since the air scrubber will take care of the airborne particles, you are likely to see less dust settling on the surfaces of furniture and on the floor. You won’t have to clean as much thanks to your reliable machine.

Keeps the Family Healthy

With the ozone free air scrubber, you can keep your family healthy without having to do much work. It will take care of everything in the background while you focus on your job and other tasks. Commercial-grade air scrubbers are also available for offices, factories, construction sites, and other establishments that might need them.