Residential and commercial renovation projects can drain your accounts in terms of cost of materials. However, you can cut your budget a great deal by investing in structural insulated panels Lismore. These panels replace the normal brick and cement walls, and at almost half the price.

Advantages of insulated wall panels

Compared to brick walls, these panels are lighter. They are manufactured by arranging several layers of construction materials then cementing them together using groove joints or screws. These layers are normally made of the top-coat, primer-coat, pre-treatment layer, and the galvanized layer. Underneath this is the steel layer, additional galvanization and pre-treatment layers, and the back-coat.

Structural panels are also lighter and easier to transport. Since they are only made of different panels stamped together, the weight is more manageable compared to ferrying Lorries of bricks and cement to a renovation project. Furthermore, insulated panels have a special coating on the outside for protection against UV rays and on the inside to provide adequate insulation against heat or cold.

Types of insulated wall panels

There are various types of structural insulated panels sold in Lismore. These are insulation wall panels, nail based panels, drywall panels, eco wall panels and cold room panels.

Insulated wall panels are like normal wall panels but with the high ridges omitted. This allows contractors to stack the panels smoothly without bulging where the panels overlap. A special lining is included to replace the ridge and make the panels stable after installation. Structural insulated panels come in variations like Eurobox lined, double lined, or micro-rib lined panels.

Nail based panels are insulation sheets that are attached on normal brick walls. These serve the purpose of adding insulation to any room they are used in. On the other hand, dry wall panels have a special drywall finish to make them appear as normal brick walls.

Eco wall panels differ from normal wall panels in that they replace the steel layer with aluminum. Aluminum is lighter and protects the panels from reacting to chemicals like ammonia. Eco wall panels are often used in agricultural works like the assembly of barns and stables.

Lastly, cold room panels are a lot heavier than normal panels because of the added layer of insulation. They are also firmer due to the quality of joints used to attach them together. Cold room panels are used in walk-in-fridges and large-scale commercial cooling rooms.


Buying structural insulated panels Lismore is a worthy long-term investment. These panels are lighter and equally stronger when used as walls. They are also a lot cheaper making the cost of construction more manageable.