There are various aspects of a modern office fit out to consider. One important element to consider is the office space’s flow. This will be reflected in the color scheme, size, and type of glass partitions. However, it is also important to consider each employee’s needs. For example, a creative company might prefer an open space where people can work together and still have their private area. Therefore, a good office fit out should consider the employees’ needs and the office’s flow.

Colors in an office fit out

When designing an office, colors and tones are an important consideration. When it comes to branding, warm colors can inspire optimism and enthusiasm. They are also emotionally intense, which makes them ideal for brainstorming, socializing, and detail-oriented tasks. Alternatively, cold colors can inspire calm, focused thinking and concentration. Blue is one of the safest colors to use in an office and is associated with intellectualism and production.

Size of the space

Generally, you need about 175 square feet per person for an open-plan office. The amount of space you need is two to four times this for leaders and executives. Call center workers don’t need a large desk, whereas architects need a large space to lay blueprints. Your office space requirements may also depend on your business model. Some companies do not need much space and prefer a collaborative environment, while others need closed-off meeting rooms and private offices.

Natural components

Today, natural elements are becoming increasingly common in modern office fit outs. This is particularly true for office spaces that include plants, natural light, and green walls. By incorporating natural elements, businesses can help create a calmer working environment. Here are a few ways to incorporate natural elements into your office fit-out. Read on to learn more. A biophilic office design makes it easier for employees to feel connected to nature, boosting overall health and productivity.

Size of glass partitions

Regarding the size of glass partitions in modern office fit out, it’s vital to consider what kind of business you have and the rest of the fit-out. Also, you should consider if adding them to the office will violate the lease agreement and be required to remove them. Glass partitions have a long history of being used in commercial fitouts. Today, you can choose framed or frameless glass partitions in various shapes and sizes.


If you want to increase productivity, consider incorporating technology in your modern office fit out. Companies can use the latest tech tools such as smart badging data, wireless access points, network login data, and phone apps to increase spatial efficiency in various ways. Automated lighting and air conditioning controls can also provide water and energy use information. Furthermore, accessible controls for lighting and climate can help employees customize their workspace to suit their needs.