Your eyebrows are the beautiful frame of your eyes; applying too much product and not blending right with a brow brush leaves you with a scary face. It’s essential to shape your brows as it’s a part of your regular makeup routine. But what’s more important is to avoid 3 common mistakes while you are stroking your eyebrow with a brush. Know them and kick them out of your makeup routine; it’s how you are going to master celebrity-like shape.

Picking a Wrong Brush

One common mistake many girls make is to pick the wrong brow brush. You should know what kind of brush is right for a specific situation. If you are the kind of person who can use any brush to fill her eyebrows, then it’s time to change this approach. Did you ever see a makeup artist using the same brush for the application of eyeshadow and brow highlighting? It’s because every kind of brush is designed with a different angle and bristles.

Make sure you pick an angled brush with thin and dense bristles for filling your eyebrows. If a brush is thick, then you won’t be able to create a thin outline. You don’t need to break a bank for getting a quality brush, especially when you can get them with a bargain deal from any makeup shop.

Not Keeping it Natural

It’s exciting to follow the latest eyebrow trend, but what’s wrong to follow a pattern that doesn’t go with your natural eyebrow shape. For example, when your eyebrow is round, and you are adding a square angle, then this forced change will make you look like a supervillain. Make sure you don’t draw a very thick outline from your brow brush, intending to copycat a celebrity look. Try to keep it natural so that it won’t affect your overall persona. Pick an angle that looks symmetrical with other facial features; else, you will do more harm than good to your looks.

Using Brow Stencils

As soon as you watch other girls using eyebrow stencils and reshaping your eyes quickly with them on Instagram, then you order them online as quickly as possible. But one thing you miss here is your face shape and contour that’s different. You don’t know what stencil will fit your face-cut. So, instead of relying on brow stencils too much, get a good brow brush and practice brow-setting. The more practice you do, the easier it will become to blend a product in a way that you get the most-wanted aesthetic appeal at the end.