People have made casseroles with a whole range of ingredients. They all involve a sauce but also some type of breading. Somewhere, someone came up with the idea of using tater tots as breading. Since they are made up of shredded potatoes and taste good with ketchup and a variety of condiments, putting them in a casserole just seemed like a valid point. Don’t miss your chance to view the latest recipes.

There are indeed many options for a Tater Tot Casserole Recipe. The first is just to smash the raw tater tots and use them as part of the beef mix. The other is to used whole or halved tater tots to form the floor or top layer of the casserole. The great thing is that you can make your own recipes by scratch and according to a specific theme.

Tater Tot Casserole Recipe are just shredded potato, but they might also have some oil to assist in cooking. Many people bake their tater tots in order to avoid frying them with oil. A little oil on the surface helps to keep them crispy. If the tots do not have oil out of the bag, then they can be sprayed with olive oil in order to give them a sheen and allow them to bake crisply on the outside.

Tater tots are also pressed into a particular shape. They are instantly recognizable and are a fun way to eat potatoes as a snack or even a breakfast. The whole point is that they are normally bite sized bits that can be cooked quickly and are both delicious and convenient. They can be dipped in ketchup or scooped up along with a bit of meat or vegetable. They have been cooked as shish kebab and even put into salads.

All this has everything to do with casseroles. It is possible to use cabbage sliced instead of noodles and cover it in a cheese sauce that goes great with both cabbage and tater tots. A cheese sauce can be bought in a can or else solid soft cheese can be diluted in hot milk. Harder cheeses can also be diluted, but they tend to have a more pungent flavor and ought to be first shredded in order to increase their surface area.

There are plenty of sauces that resemble ketchup. Tater tots go great with tomato soup, and tomato paste is the base of virtually every sauce that uses tomatoes. Simply thin out the past with water and then add the seasoning of your preference. Depending on what you add, it can taste like spaghetti sauce or ketchup or chili.